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Emotion management

Facilitatiors Tool:


Short Description


- Differentiate emotion, feeling, and mood.

- Able to name emotions and know functions of emotions

- Become more aware of one ́s feelings that are affected by others.

Participants are asked: What is emotion? And why is it important? Then, they

separate into 6 groups to brainstorm about 3 characteristics of emotion, feeling,

and mood (2 groups will have the same topic). After 3 minutes, they join the other

group who has the same word and come up with 3 common characteristics of

each terminology.

Put all characteristics on a flipchart and discuss the differences and their

connection. In the end, showing the participants Plutchik ́s wheel (emotion) to

give a glimpse of emotional literacy.

Learn the difference

Name the feelings.


Did you end up with the same emotion?

What emotion do you have at the moment?

What happened during balloon juggling? What do you observe in the activity?

Did you read the emotions on the balloon? Did you express your force according

to a written?

What did happen in your body?

How did you feel?

Are there any situations in your life where you don ́t know if the emotion you

have is yours or the other?

How can you recognize your feelings?

How will you apply this knowledge of recognizing emotion in your life or work


- indoors, music, visual support, papels,

markers, and bollons.

- Plutchik ́s wheel.

*Remember to ask participants if they are

afraid of balloon.

90 minutes

1st: Ask each other participant to come up with one psychological feeling which

cannot be repeated.

2nd: Provide a balloon and ask each one to write the chosen feeling on it. After

that, everyone leaves the ballon in the middle.

3rd: Invite the participants to look at the balloons and observe all written feelings.

Then, the facilitator grabs one feeling (one balloon) and passes it to one

participant with body expression regarding such emotion.

4th: Continue doing the same, passing more balloons, and ask participants to not

let any balloons touch the ground. Participants juggle those emotions for a while.

Noted: don ́t forget the play some music in the background.

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