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Meet Dr. Dixon

About the project...

"First Aid Global" -long term-project was created to deal with the complexity of issues related to inclusion of young people from different backgrounds and first premedical aid.

One of the main basis that unites us is that we all work on intercultural learning and use non-formal education as approach towards our work. In nowadays diverse society there are various issues that youth workers are facing in their daily work – high unemployment, refugee and migrant waves, radicalization, social exclusion, intolerance, xenophobia, various conflicts based on stereotypes, prejudice, lack of critical thinking abilities and lack of intercultural competence in general etc

The project will allow participants to reflect and analyse the results of local phase and learn about various innovative methodologies within NFE and first premedical aid and tools which can be used for efficient facilitation nowadays and could foster inclusive learning process as well as preparation of the publication on such approaches and methodologies for facilitators working in intercultural environment.

During the project we are going to use innovative approaches towards facilitation of first aid- non-formal, non-frontal and highly participative fitting different learning styles. All the inputs will be presented in the interactive way and will be directly connected with practical experience.


Participants will be developing basic competences in facilitation in non-formal education, learn various facilitation techniques and methods ( active listening, active speaking, mirroring, tracking paraphrasing, feedback etc.) , learn how to ask powerful questions and how to facilitate the reflection on the experience ( debriefing). Besides that, they will focus on the peculiarities of intercultural facilitation.





To create a cohesion of different approaches in the field of premedical first aid and facilitation derived from different experiences, knowledge and skills of partners, with additional differentiation in the creation of attitudes based on non-formal education systems and its formal counterpart, in the framework of finding and creating innovative tools to combine them.




To uncover “facilitation” in diverse youth work realities

To learn about basics of intercultural facilitation and how it can serve social inclusion of young people from different backgrounds

To discover diverse facilitation techniques and tools for inclusive youth work

To get to know and practice some of innovative tools and methodologies in facilitation of
first premedical aid

Patient Info

Our project is created by 4 international organisations 

Fundacja Młodzi dla Europy- Poland

Thalia teatro- Slovakia

High on Life- Chile

Audele- Uruguay

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